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When you’re tired of fighting all those battles. When you’re exhausted with being lost, lonely, overshadowed, and overwhelmed. When you’re ready to find effective, powerful paths forward… Come here.
I’ve already mapped those paths. Whether in Personal Evolution (your walk in life), Executive Development, or Relationships (Personal or Professional) in all their complexity… I‘ve spent the time and energy developing these maps for you and I tailor them to your specific needs, so that your individual goals and the incredible heights of what you want in life are achieved.


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Come inside and learn how to evolve your experience…to be the most amazing advanced version of YOU.


What they're saying about us!


Renee R

Real Estate Broker
"After working with Lyric and EvolvePro my house was cleaner, my interactions with my husband were amazing, I was a super mom, different opportunities were presenting themselves, I mean just everything!  I'm feeling that shift right now...."
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Katya S

Web Professional
"Lyric helped me realize that all is totally okay. With tears are of happiness and gratitude for what the Universe is doing FOR me now. I have so much to look forward to and so much to be grateful for. I'm being me. I'm changing the world."

Cyrus T

Hedge Fund Mgr.
"Working with Lyric was unlike any experience I've ever had with any trainers or coaches. He takes a truly holistic down-to-earth approach to inner health and high performance. Working with Lyric eventually helped me to not only get rid of many addictions (including smoking and caffeine) but most importantly to clear my mind and feel great about myself and turn up the heat on my business.

Mark L

"As he was so aware of how the body mind operates I hired him as my Coach. Im a little hesitant to mention this but I had a rare condition where my anxiety manifested in my body with such intensity that I couldn't function. It was like fire electricity in my arms and legs. After 6 sessions it was all gone. He even checked in multiple times to see, and yeah it was all gone. What an incredible relief. I continued for a long time with coaching. Too much to mention the too many breakthroughs."
2010-11-25 11.43.13

Linda W

LCSW Therapist
"I was extremely fortunate to cross paths with Lyric!  I've been working with him for 6 months and I can say he has helped me make some tremendous strides in my personal development!  His attentive listening, followed by thought provoking and challenging questions and/or comments has been a key to me feeling more free and open.  I feel calm and at peace while strengthening my confidence and passion.  THANK YOU Lyric"