About Lyric Ginsberg

Who is Howard Jay "Lyric" Ginsberg?

It’s time for people and society to evolve.

For too long have we been cooped up inside ourselves. Held back by our habits and our uncooperative nervous systems.

For too long have we been in pain and anxiety.

For too long have we not seen and been able to reach for the person we want to be, the relationships we want to have, and the life we want to live.

We need more. You need more. You need access to more. A way to come to your full potential.
And I want you to have this.

That is why after 20 plus years of evolving myself and my clients I brought EvolvePro™ trainings into being.

It’s a comprehensive program designed for your complete evolution.

Your Inner Evolution

When I was 15 I was meditating.

When I was 20 I started eating a vegan diet.

When I was 25 I got involved with depth coaching and NLP.

When I was 30 I started fitness training (and immediately stopped working out and started very deep and profound body meditations… No guidance. All intuition)… and relationship coaching.

At 35 I managed and ran multiple businesses.

At 45 I began gymnastics training and a deep honing of body and mind.

And my journey continues…

Here at EvolvePro we leave no stone unturned. We start with advanced body awareness plus coaching techniques and advanced skills in consciousness.

We then invite you deep into Intelligence Enhancements and extensive Erotic Relationship programs.

Culminating in Business and Executive Coaching. So that you can increase the wealth of this world; your wealth, the wealth of our society, and the planet as whole… through your gifts.

We want it ALL available to you. We want you to be your best… and not miss a thing.

If you are a Sensitive, Intelligent, Conscious, and Aware modern human being…

We are specialized to work with you.

To advance you. Stage by stage.

This is the place to do it.

Our mission here is to bring the idea of Embodying your Evolution™ into the world.
Not in an esoteric, metaphysical way…but in a way that is as real and down to earth as you get.

Every one of our programs are grounded in reality.
Real ideas.
Hard-core information.
Solid actions.
Actual results.

We teach you how to embody your results and change your high performance neurological system for the better.
And we do much of this through our Evolutionary Games™ System.
Making sure you are engaged in a complete way.

I could have done this years ago…but I’m rather obsessively precise and I wouldn’t release this to you, until I had it all perfectly dialed in. Its effectiveness and results.

We ALL desire to become more… And its faster and efficient with guidance.

Sexy. Intelligent. Powerful. Successful. And Evolved.

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Become greater today… From Fragile to Fierce™.

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