Personal Acceleration® Coaching

Personal Acceleration® ..Your journey into the cutting edge of life.

We all find ourselves in trouble at times.
Old habits and patterns we try to impress the world with today just don’t seem to fit anymore.
Our life around us doesn’t change. If it does it creeps along at a snail’s pace and simply moves way too slow…or gets overwhelmed by all the change around us…leaving us in the dust.
Whether we fight against it or sadly resign ourselves to it, ultimately our world just seems to remain the same.

But in Personal Acceleration® Coaching you’ll learn to free yourself into being in the ever-advancing world of change. Build yourself into a true player that can change things for themselves and other people around them.

You’ll learn the secrets of your deep core beliefs, philosophies, and blocks. The platforms you’ve stood on for years to proudly pontificate that hold you back, and the things that have been lost and inaccessible to you that really are the most important things to move you forward.

You’ll unearth all of your inner players, your inner voices and powers, and align them so they may be your allies and contribute daily to your evolution.

This is all tailored around your individual personality, because we all have different ways of seeing and coping with life. So we address you according to those personal sensitivities.

Genius and Mind Mastery are addressed at this level as well. I’ll teach you methods of quieting your mind for calm, patience, and peace; then optimize your mind’s puzzle strategies for higher functioning to get what you really desire here in the real world.

Through this you’ll learn how you are structured internally and how to advance that inner structure for your advantage.

This program is highly recommended as the foundational experience to effectively lead you into and through the rest of our evolutionary programs.

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